The Computer Professionals



Here you will find just a few of the many successful projects Programatix has completed. Click on the link to view a brief description of the project and how the client was able to benefit from the solution. It is our desire to enable all our clients to achieve the same success with their projects.

  1. Automated travel insurance sales/confirmation systems
  2. Photographic process instruction system for ISO9000 certification
  3. Mission critical financial aggregate reporting system
  4. Remote data capture and reporting system
  5. Robotics process control systems for automated manufacturing assembly lines
  6. Work-in-progress tracking systems for manufacturing assembly lines
  7. Just-in-time assembly component procurement systems
  8. Flatbed material cutting control system
  9. Enterprise resource planning system
  10. Warehouse inventory procurement and tracking system
  11. Document management systems
  12. Aircraft asset management and component maintenance tracking system
  13. Intranet web enabled office furniture and equipment asset management system
  14. Client/server customer service management and billing information system
  15. Internal network traffic data load/collision analysis and resolution
  16. Client/server installation, hardware/software support and upgrades

For more information on the successful projects and how to benefit from the Programatix knowledge and experience, please Contact Us.